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The project is a recorded collection of songs for art teachers to use with their students. These songs, ranging in content from color theory to the elements of art, are composed in a variety of musical styles to appeal to younger children while also being listenable for adults. I have designed these songs to be used as introductory lessons for teaching content that may help students get “hooked” into the subject matter through fun and entertaining ways. Some of the songs have even been accentuated through hand motions that students can do as they sing. In this way, a wide range of learning styles can be accommodated for effective classroom instruction.

What Teachers Are Saying About ArtSongs

“I totally loved the songs! The kids are loving the CD!” – Allison Hall, Art Specialist, Lorraine Elementary School

“Using Robbie Quinn’s CD ArtSongs has changed the way I teach in my art room. Now when I go into color with my 1st through 5th grade students, it is not just a boring walk to the bulletin board to point and talk about the color wheel. Now there is music to go along. My students have an understanding of warm and cool colors, the color wheel, the elements of art and sculpture like they’ve never had. They ask for Robbie’s CD by name!” – Patricia C. Spencer, Art Specialist, Harmony Elementary School

“Ever since Robbie’s performance, students & teachers have been expressing to me how much they enjoyed it.” – Jeannette Anthos, Art Specialist, J. H. House Elementary School, Full entry available at
J. H. House Elementary School’s Blog, posted March 16, 2006.

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ArtSongs, 2005
The ArtSongs CD is a full-band production of the 9 songs included on the “ArtSongs Demo” CD that I released in 2003 (see below). There are two new songs about art that were not recorded previously, “The Blues” and “Aesthetics”. I often describe this CD as the “plugged-in” version of the songs, whereas the demo is the “unplugged” version. The two different versions provide art teachers with more versatile offerings for their classroom use. The 2005 release might be more appropriate for occasions that a teacher wants to get his or her students “fired up” about the concepts being conveyed through the songs. Alternatively, the 2003 release might be more suitable for times when art teachers might want their students to listen to some “arts-rich” background music while they engage in studio production actvities. If you would like to hear the songs, please click on the following links to download a sample.

cover Track Listing
The Color Wheel
The Sculpture Song
The Temperature of Color
The Blues
The Elements of Art Suite:
Price: $10.00 + $2.50 S/H (USPS First Class Mail)

ArtSongs Demo, 2003
This recording is a very simple production, featuring me and my guitar and harmonica. If you would like to hear the songs, please click on the following links to download a sample.

cover         Track Listing

        The Sculpture Song – download
        The Temperature of Color
        The Color Wheel
        The Elements of Art Suite :
        – Line – download
        – Value
        – Color
        – Shape
        – Space
        – Texture

Price: $5.00 + $2.50 S/H (USPS First Class Mail)

ArtSongs Visiting Artist Program
I bring the songs to life in concert as I visit schools, eliciting student interaction and performance. There are several options for these Visiting Artist Programs. A half-day visit (AM or PM) includes 2 45-minute presentations and an ArtSongs CD for of each participating classroom. A full-day visit includes classroom visits in the AM, 2 45-minute presentations in the PM, and an ArtSongs CD for the teacher of each participating classroom! Finally, I can visit your school’s PTA or PTO evening meetings to provide “edutainment” for parents and students alike.

ArtSongs Events are Standards-Rich Programs
My presentation provides content designed to help you successfully address many Visual Arts Standards, such as:
– Explores and names texture, such as smooth and rough
– Differentiates between geometric shapes and organic shapes
– Describes red, yellow, and orange as warm colors and green, blue, and violet as cool colors
– Recognizes value as the lightness and darkness of a color
– Compares spatial concepts that show depth in artworks (e.g., overlapping, placement or scale, color intensity, and detail)

Pricing Information* for ArtSongs Events

Half-Day Visit: $250
Full-Day Visit: $400
PTA or PTO Evening Meeting: $150

*All prices assume travel within a 120 mile radius of Greenville, NC. Further distances will result in additional costs. Classroom visits will be limited to 8 15-minute sessions which will consist of acoustic performance and discussion. Sound system is provided by the performer. All payment due day of event.

Download a brochure (PDF, 248K) containing Visiting Artist Program information by clicking here.

View a streaming video of my ArtSongs Promo (5:35 runtime) by clicking on the image below to be taken to my YouTube homepage.

Download my PowerPoint ArtSongs presentation. It contains the lyrics and images you can use in your classroom as you play and/or sing ArtSongs.
PowerPoint Art Songs presentation- MAC compatible (25 MB)

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