On this page, you can learn a little bit about some of my musical projects.

In Search of Doc Holliday Documentary Soundtrack, 2016
My song “Then There Is You” was included in the documentary soundtrack for this project. The soundtrack is available for purchase over at CD Baby. The documentary is available for purchase over at Amazon.

Live Video Recordings, 2014-present

The Grace Test from Robert Quinn on Vimeo.

Lead Us On from Robert Quinn on Vimeo.

Arts Advocacy Video, 2012-2014
As a Board member of the North Carolina Art Education Association, I worked with other Board members, students, neighbors, friends, and colleagues to write an original arts advocacy song and film this music video.

The Dirty Harrys, 2010-2012
The Dirty Harrys was a band comprised of Mike Gordon on mandolin, Bill Gross on accordion, and me on guitar. We took our name from the classic series of Dirty Harrys detective movies, starring Clint Eastwood, which ran from 1971-1987. So, we played hit songs from that era, an era that served as a formative time from all three of us. We played in a bluegrass/folk/blues style, which gives each of the songs a fresh delivery. I had a lot of fun with this project! Unfortunately, we never recorded anything beyond a little three song demo on our second practice.

Ed Keesler’s Christmas Bagpipes, 2011
I tried my hand at producing a musical project for a good friend, Ed Keesler. I had done some simple demos with my own music, but never before had I recorded other musicians, especially not a piper! I never thought I would wear a pair of earplugs during a recording session, but now I have! Ed is a tenacious piper, and we tracked his pipes over 9 hours on one weekend and over 3 hours another weekend. It was great to be able to track father and son, Fred and Ben Matney, on bodhran and penny whistle, respectively, as it was their first recording project. Will Davis did some quick, solid work on his snare. We hope to be able to do a hymns bagpipes project in the future. Here’s the player from Ed’s website. Enjoy!

The Garage Demo, 2002
This recording is a very scaled-down rendering of four of my songs. It was recorded in June of 2002 by my friend, Scott McGraw, over the garage of his house in Montgomery, Alabama. The instrumentation is just me, my guitar, and harmonica. To listen to the selected track, please click on the links in the player below. You can buy it here using my secure PayPal shopping cart or you can purchase it over at BandCamp.

Price: $5.00 + $2.50 S/H (USPS First Class Mail)

Submerged, 2001
This recording was done with my band, Deluge, with which I played for three years in Montgomery, Alabama. We had a great time making music together, and the guys were interested in bringing my music to life. The songs, recorded in a home studio, formed the basis of our live show. We had the privelege of playing to audiences across the southeast during our brief stint as a band. I still enjoy playing some of these songs live at my solo shows. To listen to the selected track, please click on the link to download the entire song.

        Track Listing

        Boundless Love
        To Be Just Like Me
        Easy Street
        Take My Stand- download
        Early in the Morning
        Wounded Man
        Rowdy Pilgrim
        Jeremiah 31:35
        Thru It All
        This Time

Price: $5.00 + $2.50 S/H (USPS First Class Mail)

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